Torch Search

The Private Search Engine For Finding Anything On The Internet

What Is Torch Search Engine?

Torch is a Search Engine that only indexes websites in our search. All results generated are linked only to websites that should be relevant to your search.

Why Use Torch?

Torch is a completely anonymous and easy to use search engine. There are many other search engines but ours ONLY indexes Tor sites and provides accurate results without advertising scam sites on the home page like many others.

How Does Torch Make Money?

Currently we are only making money off of Torch with Google Ads. This is just a simple way for our site to generate enough revenue to pay for servers and maintenence. Rest assured that Torch does not track you or log any of your searches on the website.

What Makes Us The Best?

Torch Search Doesn't Track You

Privacy and anonymity has long been considered by many to be a time long gone bye. Now with Torch Browser you can feel safe again! We do NOT track you unlike many other prominent search engines and websites! We do not track your searches or any of our users no matter what!

We Don't Filter Results

Torch Search Engine does not filter any of its results what so ever! Our indexing system relies upon a sophisticated artificial intelligence system that will always show you relevant results that don't have any manually inserted results or advertised results. What you search is what you're going to get!

We Don't Keep Logs

Torch Search Engine does NOT log ANY of its users searches on the website. When using our Tor search engine you are always going to get fresh results and the security of knowing that we do not log anything you search for or do on our website.

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